What our Customers say...


Thanks for all of your help SERVPRO. Really appreciate the promptness, communication and quality of the work. I also want to thank you for the flexibility to keep within our budget and still deliver a result that exceeded expectation. I will absolutely keep you in mind for future projects and recommend you to others. Best, Shawn

Terrific experience with SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties. John inspected our home and was super helpful. He quickly found the source of our problem and helped discuss different solutions. The office was very responsive and professional in setting up our appointment and following up. Will use them again and happily recommend to friends.

As 2020 happily came to a close, the last thing anyone would want to deal with would be water damage at the onset of 2021. John and company did a superlative job turning a negative situation into a positive. ALL at SERVPRO went above and beyond in every aspect. I highly recommend an absolute pleasure to work with. Everything was handled with the utmost professionalism exceeding any and all expectations.

Thank you SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties for completing the basement work is a timely way. I can't tell you how much I appreciated working with you and your team. In this time of uncertainty in the country/world, it is comforting to know there are people you can trust and count on. So an extra thanks to Will who had to put in the extra time.  

Thank you for a job well done!

Thanks to you & your crew, for all due diligence and patience with mom’s house challenges. We were impressed with the kindness and professionalism exhibited by you and your team in all aspects during the assessment, recovery and sorting processes.  It was a very difficult time, made manageable by experts who take their job seriously and with sensitivity.

Feel free to use any portion of this material for your business.

Thank you SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties for your care and concern in doing this work for us. Appreciated your understanding and help. Stay Safe!

Liz & Ralph were hard working and trustworthy staff. Thank you. 

Ralph, Keep up the good work! Thank you for being so prompt.

An excellent job! On time, efficient and agreeable personnel! 

Ralph and his crew were caring, compassionate and efficient. They took the time to listen to our concerns and to help fix the problems if they could. They took special care of our meaningful furniture, paintings and additional items that meant so much to us. Thank you! Bill and Will guided us thru the initial process and that helped us feel more comfortable with the whole experience. This whole experience has been much less painful with Ralph's team and SERVPRO.

I wanted to thank you guys again for all your work.  Will is awesome to work with & Ralph and the team did great.


My home incurred water seepage into the finished basement from the flooding on April 15, 2019 and there was nothing my wife and I could do about it. I called them that night and they were here the next morning early and ready to remove the water and dry the floors, carpets, and Sheetrock out! A week later, you can’t tell that we took on water and there is no musty smell! They did it for a very reasonable price. Many thanks to Bill, Will, Dave and Stacy!! I would recommend their services to anyone!!

We hired SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties HazMat team to remove 200 years of animal scat from an 1835 church with broken tower and window where creatures could get in. The area was covered with evidence of animals, even between the walls. I cannot imagine a worse scenario. I saw it before their work. Yes !!! They exceeded any expectations I could have had. I was stunned; the wooden beam and stair structures looked new, pure and clean. They even lowered a man and bucket between the walls and put a screen around the inside of the tower so animals could not enter until the time we could afford to repair and restore the tower. SERVPRO is exceptional. Thank you !! St. John's Church, E. Poultney, VT

Thanks for making the experience much easier. 

Thank you for very professional, prompt, friendly service. 

Thank you for Great service!

I was so pleased to see the beautiful job your crew did.  Really extraordinary. Thank you. It was worth every penny!

Thank you for all your work SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties!

Bill & Will --Thank you for putting us back together here. You and your crew are amazing and we are most grateful for your dedication and hard work.

The barn looks great. Your team did a terrific job!

Thank you. 

Above and Beyond!  

In my 30 years in business, rarely have I come across a more professional group of individuals. With Will leading the group you will be more than satisfied with his promptness, thoroughness and knowledge of the industry. His crew went above and beyond the original scope of work to my complete satisfaction. Thanks again Will!

Job well done! Thank you!

Great job on the basement and garage clean outs ... everything looks good! Your crew was fast and professional. We will be happy to recommend you to our friends!


Thank you for your quick turnaround and professionalism!

Will, Liz and Ralph were professional and considerate the entire time they worked in my home.  Thank you for remediating the mold problem.

Wanted you to know that I'm very happy with the job you did. I've also been telling everybody I know what great work SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties can do. Thanks.  

Thank for an awesome job cleaning mold in our attic.

Thank you so much SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties for the clean up of water damage I had at my house. Wonderful doing business with you all. Well done!

Thank you for all you did to make the cleaning process as easy as you did for my mom. She was very much relieved when she could get back to her more normal routine. It is very tough on older people when these things happen. We will certainly recommend you to others if the need should arise. Thank you.

Wanted to thank you for the great job Will and Dave did at our condo. It looks like we are buttoned up! Thank you again. 

It was a very satisfying experience to have Will, Dave and crew perform the work which was outstanding. Well done!

Please with SERVPRO of Bennington and Rutland Counties efficiency and prompt service. Thank you. 

Thank you so much SERVPRO of Bennington and Rutland Counties for the excellent, professional job you did at our house. We will definitely refer your company. 

Awesome customer service: SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties took all of my sopping wet, ice-laden towels back to their shop to wash and dry and saved my original barn board walls. 

Thank you for your quick response and professional service!

I would like to thank SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties for the cleaning job completed at my home in Manchester. Your crew not only did a good cleaning job, but they were extremely helpful to me when we ran into a leaking pipe and I had to find a plumber.  I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for this type of service.   Thank you again.

A pleasure doing business with you.  We look forward to future projects with SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties

Until then...

I wanted to express my satisfaction with the work that SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties did on this job. The analysis and estimate was very honest and accurate. Your responsiveness to our request was extremely prompt & professional. Most of all, your people did an excellent job of arriving on time, covering our furniture, rugs, etc. and cleaning up everything after doing a very efficient remediation process. I was also very impressed with the "before" and "after" pictures of the crawl space, receiving these via email for our records was also a nice touch. Thanks, again. I'll be happy to recommend your company in the future to anyone with a mold concern. 

Thank you so much SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties. You did a great job cleaning my smoke damaged apartment. You were there for me from the beginning to the end, during a very stressful time. 

Thanks for being great during this hard time!

Thank you so much for your speedy restoration of my home. You guys are great and very professional. 

We want to thank you for the super job you did in cleaning our basement up from the storm resulting in the Town of Bennington's sewer overflow. 

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!

Thank you for the great work!

Thank you very much SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties!

Thank you so much! Excellent cleaning job of smoke and soot in my house.

Thank you SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties for your great work. The carpets look very good!

Thank you SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties. Fantastic service to date! I will highly recommend you to all!

Thanks for a great job!

Great job! Thank you SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties.

Thank you SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties for the good work! Our house looks great!


We appreciate the attitude and approach of the folks at SERVPRO of Bennignton & Rutland Counties. I would do business with you again if we were in need of an emergency.

I think one would have to be in the position of having a tragedy to understand how great SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties is. I recently had a fire in my home. I am Thankful that ...the inside of my house was only smoke damage and we didn't lose anything sentimental. I was still in a panic as I had company expected to arrive in less than a week for the holidays. My adjuster called a different company who never showed up because we were too far away and NEVER even called to let us know.
Bill had his crew leader Will to my home within hours of my phone call. Will checked out things I would have never had thought to check myself. The crew arrived the next day consisting of Will, Kristin, Jamie, Ray and Hunter. The second day Paul was included. The reason I am mentioning names is because not only were these people compassionate and caring but they were so polite, efficient and thorough. They wiped every surface in my home to remove the soot. Before they arrived and while waiting for the other company, I was getting a sinus infection from the dust and smell and was starting to panic that I had 10 plus family members arriving shortly. Within hours of Serve Pro arriving the smell was disappearing. I cannot tell you how Thankful I am to this company and their staff. I hate to admit it but I do not think my house has ever been cleaner than it is now and I had a structure fire exactly one week ago today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Will, Ray, Jamie, Hunter, Kristin and Paul for making this long planned Christmas with family stress free and enjoyable again!!!!

Thank you so much SERVPRO of Bennington and Rutland Counties. It all looks great!

SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties did a great job. Thanks for everything. 

SERVPRO of Rutland and Bennington Counties did a great job cleaning a barn which I purchased. I couldn't move into it until the attic was entirely cleaned which bats and mice posing a health hazard throughout had inhabited. It was a tough, dirty job. Will was very conscientious, knowledgeable and reliable. He was aware of his responsibilities from an environmentalists' perspective. He and his hardworking staff were able to transform the attic into a clean, safe place.

I wanted express my satisfaction with all the work SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties did at P & F Appliance. Given the amount of work that needed completion, I was more than pleasantly surprised at how quickly and professionally it was performed. Your crew was prompt, courteous and extremely hard-working. I have had a very positive experience. Needless to say, we will recommend you to our friends and neighbors, as well as call you for future work. Once again, thanks for the great job.

We want to thank SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties to anyone faced with a sudden emergency. The crew was helpful, polite & empathetic to our dilemma. You returned our calls, showed up within 2 hours and the crew knew what they were doing and wasted no time. In addition your up to date knowledge around mold and familiarity with insurance issues eased our minds and were crucial to our claim.

Thank you SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland County in helping me during my flood. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Professional job.

I could not have been happier with SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties work. Their willingness to immediately respond to our emergency flooding situation was amazing and they seemed to genuinely want to minimize our losses to the point of drying tents, personal files and rugs in their own service building.They also responded promptly to any of our questions/concerns. We would rate them a 10+ and certainly recommend them to anyone else experiencing a loss that needs to be mitigated.

Very pleased with SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties. Will is an excellent leader and the crew seemed to really care about my mold problem. The work was done professionally and completed in a timely manner. I'm very pleased with the results. Thank you.

SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutand Counties, everything looks GREAT! You did the best job possible on that dining room carpet, as some of those stains were very bad and it looks fine to me.The rest of the carpets look new again & I thank you for a GREAT job! I greatly appreciate the fine job you have done & I will recommend, your particular individual company, highly, to all my friends & colleagues. Please thank all your people, as I know it was no easy job, to get the results they accomplished.

You have done everything PERFECTLY!!! I am very impressed, and very satisfied with your company. Thank you SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties for all your help and promptness to keep my customer happy.

Thank you for such a quick response to our home when a pipe burst. We appreciated the very thorough and thoughtful job you did. We also appreciated how frequently you communicated the progress. Thank you! Thank you!

SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties have done a wonderful job and the entire team was both professional and polite. I wanted you to know our experience has been outstanding! Thank you!

Just want you to know that I cannot say enough good things about our experience with SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties. The communication, the technicians, the attention to detail exceeded the expectations I have come to expect when hiring an outside contractor for home maintenance or repairs. You guys totally get customer service and it shows. Thanks so very much.

I want to tell you that Ralph and his SERVPRO crew are the best! I would highly recommend them!!! Thank you so much.

SERVPRO crew did a great job cleaning my entire house. Will is very hard working, has a strong work ethic and was very ogranized running his crew. Thanks!

Very pleased with the turn around time and efficiency SERVPRO provided. They were professional, fast and did a good job.

SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties team was on time & did a great job for me. Would recommend.

Thank you for the great work and service your company provided.

SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties is a highly professional, impressive operation. Their owners, office staff and crew are very knowledgeable, experienced, polite and sensitive to your needs in a time of crisis and stress. I highly recommend them for any damage restoration or emergency services.