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Terrific experience with SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties. John inspected our home and was super helpful. He quickly found the source of our problem and helped discuss different solutions. The office was very responsive and professional in setting up our appointment and following up. Will use them again and happily recommend to friends.

An excellent job! On time, efficient and agreeable personnel! 

We hired SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties HazMat team to remove 200 years of animal scat from an 1835 church with broken tower and window where creatures could get in. The area was covered with evidence of animals, even between the walls. I cannot imagine a worse scenario. I saw it before their work. Yes !!! They exceeded any expectations I could have had. I was stunned; the wooden beam and stair structures looked new, pure and clean. They even lowered a man and bucket between the walls and put a screen around the inside of the tower so animals could not enter until the time we could afford to repair and restore the tower. SERVPRO is exceptional. Thank you !! St. John's Church, E. Poultney, VT

Thanks for making the experience much easier. 

Thank you for very professional, prompt, friendly service. 

I was so pleased to see the beautiful job your crew did.  Really extraordinary. Thank you. It was worth every penny!

Thank you for all your work SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties!

Bill & Will --Thank you for putting us back together here. You and your crew are amazing and we are most grateful for your dedication and hard work.

The barn looks great. Your team did a terrific job!

Thank you.