Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Ice Blasting in Pownal, VT

SERVPRO of Bennington and Rutland Counties does Media Blasting

SERVPRO of Bennington and Rutland Counties are trained to perform Media Blasting in some more difficult areas. In the small town of Pownal, Vermont we were dispatched to a fire and the charring was so bad that we had to resort to Ice blasting. Ice blasting is a non-destructive method of safely cleaning surfaces and/or removing unwanted coatings such as charring from a fire. If you need media blasting done in your business or home give us a call at 802-375-1500

Smoke Damage Restoration in Manchester, Verrmont

Our husband and wife team working on one of our latest fire damage restoration projects due to severe lighting storms. Gearing up with their PPE's (Personal Protective Equipment) to properly do the restoration to a fire damage. So when you want a highly trained team working on your home call SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties at (802)275-1500! 

Cleaning And Sanitizing Furniture After Fire Damage

The primary challenge, when it comes to cleaning smoke damaged furniture, is the presence of soot. This substance can be extremely stubborn and causes stains if the right cleaning chemicals do not get applied. Dry cleaning sponges are suitable for clearing loose residues and any powdery films on surfaces. 

Once the dry soot is gone, the furniture gets sanitized with powerful cleaning agents. They help to prevent further discoloration and deterioration. The final stage is to apply a HEPA vacuum for collecting leftover soft particles. It is likely that the chair pads and any removable pieces of fabric require separate cleaning. 

Fire Damage in Mount Tabor, Vermont

Fire Damage in Mount Tabor, Vermont

This was the aftermath of a broken flue pipe causing a puff-back, spreading soot through the entire house. When we arrived on the scene, there was significant smoke and soot damage to the walls, ceilings, furniture, carpet, curtains, and personal belongings. SERVPRO OF Bennington & Rutland Counties has the experience to quickly clean up and restore your home to pre-fire or smoke condition.

Outstanding Sales Performance Award

2016 Outstanding Sales Performance Award

We are very honored to receive from SERVPRO Industries the President's Silver Honors 2016 Outstanding Sales Performance Award. Hard work does pay off and we at SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties love this industry, our customers, supportive community and fellow employees. Thank you! Now looking to repeat this year!

Soot and Smoke Damage in West Dover, VT

Soot and Smoke Damage in West Dover, VT

There was significant smoke and soot damage throughout this home. SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties completely and quickly cleaned the soot from the radiators, walls, ceilings, appliances, contents and all surfaces of the home. Call us at 802-375-1500

Equipment for Odor Destruction

Introducing New Equipment for Odor Destruction

As a trusted leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO of Bennington & Rutland Counties now introduces a new tool for odor destruction. 

Previously, deodorization was done using masking agents, filters and other ineffective methods. The "Hydroxyl Generator" is a new technology that beats all the other methods. It is able to:

  • Cleans all air and all spaces in a contained room
  • Produce atmospheric hydroxyls that are strong enough to neutralize bacteria and viruses.
  • Hydroxyls are able to penetrate into porous materials, fabrics and anywhere else as needed.

However strong the odor is the hydroxyl generator will be able to kill it. It produces hydroxyl molecules that are a composition of chemicals that are powerful. These molecules can penetrate to the furthest edge of the house restoring its original scent.

Call us at 802-375-1500

Fire Damaged House in Brandon, Vermont

Fire Damaged House in Brandon, Vermont

Our new Crew Chief getting his hands dirty cleaning and mitigating a fire damaged workshop in Brandon, Vermont. There was significant smoke and soot damage. The fire damaged ceiling made a huge mess with 2 FT of blown - in- cellulose insulation above.

Tinmouth, Vermont - Smoke/Fire damage restoration

SERVPRO Tinmouth, Vermont - Smoke/Fire damage -Before Photo

Smoke Damage from oil burner malfunction.

Tinmouth, Vermont - Smoke Damage

SERVPRO Tinmouth, Vermont - Smoke Damage-After Photo

Fire/Smoke/Soot damage finds its way into every part of your home and requires professional cleaning and the proper products.